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  The Music of Ken Jones


  Jeremiah Stokes' Thunder Cave
                      Millennium EditionTM
                               retold* by Denise G. Jones

The "modern" version of Stokes' original and revised editions
of his multi-cultural fairy tale.
This beautiful, commemorative edition, combines the best of both the original 1932 and revised 1945 editions by Jeremiah Stokes using cultural sensitivity, more solid plot, faster-paced action, and character development by prize-winning author Denise G. Jones.
As featured in the Utah Spirit magazine, July 1, 2005 issue:
"Thundering Back to the Past", article by Jan Hopkins, writer for the Davis County Clipper,
the Millennium Edition of Thunder Cave became available in 2001,
after twenty years' research and effort.
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A.G. Gudmundson (1928–2006)
Formatter of the Millennium Edition of Thunder Cave
and longtime Format Consultant for Kitkooh Publications.
and B.S. Gudmundson (1930–2007)
Proof-reader, Original Finance Supporter.

  Captain David Perry's
                Recollections of an Old Soldier 

                          2014 Edition

First publication of the full 1822 edition, edited, and annoted D.G. Jones, M.Mus.
Includes illustrations, and historical, genealogical, and topographical notes and maps.

Born in Rehoboth, Massachusetts, Perry (1741-1826) served in provincial British forces at Ticonderoga (1758), Quebec (1759), Nova Scotia and Newfoundland (1760 and 1762). His is the only extant account by an actual participant in the taking of Signal Hill in Newfoundland under Col. William Amherst in 1762. He served as an American officer twice during the War for Independence while living in Connecticut, and was a Selectman and Militia Officer in New Hampshire after the war. After moving to Vermont, he wrote his memoir, describing the political conditions there during the War of 1812, and in particular, the British attack on Plattsburg, New York, and the American naval victory on Lake Champlain, September 11, 1814. His Recollections of An Old Soldier, published in 1822, is a remarkable account, important for a better understanding of North American history (Canadian and American). It is of additional worth to the "future generations," particularly his posterity, for whom he recorded his story.

For a summary of Perry's life, click here.
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Click here for the Captain David Perry Web Site
OR Click here for the Excerpts from Recollections
FYI: Click here for the biography of Erastus Bingham.
and other descendants of Capt. David Perry.
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A.G. Gudmundson (1928–2006)
Format Consultant for Kitkooh Publications.
4th Great Grandson of Capt. David Perry.
FYI: Click here for biographies of other descendants of Capt. David Perry,
including the biography of Erastus Bingham and the obituary of James Madison Perry,
grandsons of Capt. David Perry.

  NameSongsTM . . . piano solos for young people by D.G. Jones


   Wishing You Christmas Joy
          A Collection of Poems and Stories  
            by award-winning author and poet Bonnie S. Gudmundson

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Mission and Dedication.

THIS SITE IS DEDICATED to Kenneth Jones.  Its mission is: (1) to share with and distribute unique high-quality creative & historical productions/reproductions not otherwise available;  and (2) to serve as a forum for discussion of key topics, including but not limited to these creations and the family history of the site's creators. 

Time to answer email is limited, but information offered, queries, suggestions, &c. will receive a reply as health & business permits.  Information that is incorporated into this site and/or the forthcoming products will be acknowledged accordingly.  Contributors are asked to please accurately document all material wherever possible.-- Allaine Kitkooh, 2000



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