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The Music of Ken Jones

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Jeremiah Stokes' Thunder Cave:
The Adventures of JASPER and ZEBBIE
and the good GIANT WIGWAH

retold by D.G. Jones

Millennium EditionTM
This is a slightly more "modern" version
of Jeremiah Stokes' classic 1932 & shorter, revised 1945 editions,
as featured in the Utah Spirit magazine, July 1, 2005 issue:
"Thundering Back to the Past", article by Jan Hopkins, writer for the Davis County Clipper,
and is available only through KitkoohTM Publications.
It incorporates the 1945 into the 1932 edition, while retaining
Jeremiah Stokes' same quaint wording and literary style.
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PRICE: originally $44.95, now just $30.00* plus S&H and tax (if applicable)
*Special price for libraries and senior citizens 60+: $25.00 (or near 60).
(Libraries, include tax exempt number and completed tax form TC-721 [Rev. 10/03]).
NOTE: All printings are Limited Editions.

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Cash (PLEASE don't send cash by mail). Checks payable to: Denise G. Jones. Money order or cashier's check preferred. Personal checks must clear before shipment is made. Credit card payments are received securely through PayPal.  An order form must accompany all orders (see below).   If paying by credit card: fill out e-mail order form, add in the shipping & handling charges listed on the form, and sales tax (Utah residents only). Total payment must reflect these. E-mail the completed form back. NOTE: Don't include any charge card information! Send total payment through PayPal to:  
Shipping and Handling:
Costs and shipping methods appear on order form. Purchasers living in Utah who can arrange to pick theirs up will save themselves the S&H cost. Pick-up can be arranged by e-mail or by phone (only if email is unavailable, please). Orders are shipped any day but Sunday if they are received in time for the mail. Otherwise shipment is made the next business day. Though orders generally arrive sooner, please allow two to four weeks for delivery.

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COVER - 2001 edition 1st PAGE - 2001 edition
cover & first page, THUNDER CAVE   Millennium EditionTM  
First edition dimensions: 10 7/8 in. tall, 8 3/8 in. wide, 1 3/8 in. thick.
(Note: Actual size and color of book may vary slightly.)
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                            Dr. A.G. Gudmundson  
Original Formatter of the Millennium Edition of Thunder Cave
and Format Consultant for Kitkooh Publications.  


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The Millennium EditionTM of Jeremiah Stokes' Thunder Cave is a combined edition (with computer-restored illustrations), using the original 1932 and revised 1945 editions, and as such required some alteration, editing and rewriting. The result is an new, a slightly more modern edition in keeping with Stokes’ and Sears’ intent (as expressed in the 1932 "Preface and Dedication" and the "Publisher's Note"). Those who have read the original or revised editions years ago, may notice no other difference than that the story “flows” better than they remembered.  They couldn't put it down!
The Millennium EditionTM is an independent and unique product -- the result of years of research and study of Jeremiah Stokes' writings and style.   The reasons for this edition are:

A “Biographical Note” includes Thunder Cave history, with input generously contributed by relatives of both Stokes and Sears. The Millennium EditionTM, printed in large type with BIG pictures, is a tribute to both Stokes and Sears.   [More reasons for this new edition...]

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Captain David Perry's Recollections (pub. 1822)

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Projected date available: 2014.
  Please excuse delay due to setbacks in chronic illness. Thank you for your patience.

Order forms for the annotated edition forthcoming. Meanwhile, see
The Captain David Perry Web Site for the electronic edition of Recollections or read
excerpts, including Perry's near-death experience, and his admonition to future generations.

                            Dr. A.G. Gudmundson  
Format Consultant for Kitkooh Publications.
4th Great Grandson of Capt. David Perry.

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NameSongsTM . . . piano solos for young people by D.G. Jones

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Wishing You Christmas Joy

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