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The Original Editions of Thunder Cave
Roots in the South
by D.G. Jones © 2001

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Combined editions, rewritten where necessary with cultural sensitivity
for the children of the 21st century
by award-winning author Denise G. Jones, © October 16, 2001
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Millennium EditionTM

                1932 edition               1945 edition                    

Thunder Cave has the stamp of approval
from children, parents, editors and educators.

-- 1932 Library Edition

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Thunder Cave, Roots in the South
Extract from the "Biographical Note", Thunder Cave Millennium EditionTM,
by Denise G. Jones © 2001

. . . The roots of Thunder Cave lie in the South, where Jeremiah Stokes met Jack Sears. (54) Both served church missions in the southern states at the turn of the century. Stokes served for two, and "without purse or [scrip], spent many a night out under the stars." (55) The love of both Stokes and Sears for the diverse peoples of that region of the United States are reflected in the book by which they have been known to so many children.

In the "Preface and Dedication," and in the "Publisher's Note," Stokes and Sears gave pertinent advice to parents on raising children. This advice is applicable in any age -- particularly in the troubled times already attending this new millennium. Although in different spheres, both men did what was in their power to effect social change. They will perhaps be remembered best by their joint effort in bringing forth the children's book entitled Thunder Cave

The precise events surrounding its creation and publication are known in various degrees to a number of people, to Stokes' children best of all, for Thunder Cave first took shape "in the nursery." (56) However, if asked "When did Thunder Cave begin?" Stokes would probably reply -- in the manner of many other beloved oral stories (57) -- with the first words of the original editions:

"Once upon a time . . . "

© 2001 by Denise G. Jones.

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Notes extracted from the "Biographical Note" by Denise G. Jones, © October 16, 2001
(from the introductory pages to the Millennium EditionTM)

54. Douglas E. Bagley, e-mail to editor, May 25, 2001.

55. Ibid.

56. "Preface and Dedication".

57. Ibid.


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