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A Series of Pamphlets in the 1920s
by D.G. Jones © 2001

Jeremiah Stokes' Thunder Cave first took shape as bedtime stories that Stokes made up "on the spot" for his children in the early 1900s. These stories, or "adventures," first appeared in print individually in pamphlet form under the serial title "Grandma Betty's Kiddie Rhymes and Stories: Giant Wigwah series." Written by Beverly Gray [Jeremiah Stokes' pseudonym] and illustrated by Jack Sears, the series was printed between 1924-1925 in Salt Lake City, Utah, by Illustro Syndicate. Today, the University of Utah's Marriott Library owns a copy of the first 20 of the series. These pamplets were later compiled into book form and published in 1932 as Thunder Cave, and in a revised edition in 1945, forming a multi-cultural fairy tale destined to be remembered by generations of children.


For information on "Beverly Gray," thanks go to Douglas E. Bagley, Louis Hoyt DeMers, and especially Floyd Shiery, Humanities, Rare Books, and Manuscripts Cataloger, J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah.


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